“First Parent-Teacher Conference”Wednesday November 9, 2016

Only one of my parent-teacher conferences showed up this afternoon. It was for one of the better girls in my class. I feel bad for this girl, she’s severely overweight and she stays quiet.

Parents teacher conference.

Her mother came in directly after school with her. She told me how much her daughter loves my class and how great it is that she likes to come to school. She’s a great reader but struggling in math, so I told her that she doesn’t always finish her assignment because she still had to count on her fingers. I recommended doing flash cards so she can commit most of the addition facts to memory.

Then I was a little surprised when the mother started to complain about Tyrese and Danté. She said that daughter had her change stolen from her and she said the boys tease her. I told her that I was aware that there has been stealing in the classroom, and that I know some of our friends don’t always use their manners. I said I would talk to both boys.

To be honest, I had no idea that her change was stolen or that she was being teased. But I felt it was better to act like I was aware that something was going on because to act like I had no idea would look bad.

My other conference was also supposed to be directly after school but they didn’t show up. That was supposed to be for my new student that doesn’t speak much English. I wonder if something got lost in translation.

Anyway, I felt like my first conference was a success! I hope the rest go well tomorrow!


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