“This Job Is Too Big For One Person” Saturday November 5, 2016

9a7493f17efb2fa1896d544c2162d327This job is impossible.

I’m burnt out. My lesson plans are terrible for next week. And how am I still working on report cards?! I started putting in comments for my students, that turned out to be much more difficult than I expected. There’s a lot of this student “is still developing the skills to be successful” and “I’m expecting to see more effort put in in the next quarter.”

I’m trying to be nice but do these grades even mean anything? I mean really?

If these kids are just going to drop out after 6th grade and deal drugs then … well, I should probably start buying my drugs from those kids because they can’t do math for shit.

My point is I have no hope for a kid like Tyrese. He’s just another link in a history of lazy assfaces. His parents are assfaces, their parents were probably assfaces, and Tyrese will probably get a girl pregnant and have little assfaces of his own.

So why bother? I’m already giving up all of my free time for these little shitfuckers. Oh? Does that upset you? That this sweet, innocent teaching blog is turning into a racist bitch session?! Well, fuck you too! I’m the one spending my entire Saturday doing bullshit work for shiteating kids that don’t give a shit about the shitty work that do!



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