“Who Fails Whom?” Friday November 4, 2016

imagesI’m almost done with my report cards. I still don’t understand how the grade percentages convert to the 1–4 scale. But I’ve entered just about everything from my grade book and all I can tell you is that the kids that are failing are failing because they don’t do anything in class.

They either rush through stuff without looking at it or it’s so sloppy that it can’t be read, or the student works so slowly that they usually don’t do more than the first part of any assignment.

The old saying is that grades reflect effort, not intelligence. That sure is true for my group of lazy fuck-ups.

An email went out saying that Connie needs to be told if any student will be receiving 1’s on their report card. From what I can assume, if I give a kid a 1 that doesn’t mean that the kid failed my class, that means that I failed that kid.

‘”If  child is receiving a 1 in any area then we need to meet to come up with an intervention plan to help that child succeed.”‘

I’ve got a good intervention plan. Don’t pass the kid onto the next grade. Howz that for an intervention?

I’ve got four kids in my class that are English learners and are failing because they can’t speak English. They get pulled out during random times for ESL services which means they fall further behind in other subject areas.

And the other failures are failing because they’re fucking failures! They don’t give a shit about putting in any effort because they know if they don’t try then they’ll just get extra help from us!

It’s not possible to force kids to work harder. My students are bad students because their expectations are unreasonable. How am I supposed to cover all of the second grade common core standards when most of my students can’t do the first grade standards?!



One thought on ““Who Fails Whom?” Friday November 4, 2016

  1. Unfortunately this is why most kids fail across the board, from grade school through high. It’s hard to teach a child that doesn’t want to work, doesn’t care, or is very far behind, especially with limited resources. It’s very difficult for a teacher who tries to reach every student and wants them to succeed because it is not a one person job. So many needs are out there.

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