“Reinforcing Negative Behavior” Thursday November 3, 2016

Now more kids are asking how they can get a clipboard like my worst student has. Why do they want a clipboard? Well, because when Tyrese manages to not be a total assface for an entire lesson he gets rewarded. I should tell those other students that all they have to do is misbehave enough times until they get special treatment.

It’s such bullshit. I have a couple of kids that are really sweet and work hard. Those kids should be the ones that get to leave school early and play in the gym. Instead, the worst kids get the most reinforcement and all they’re doing is acting normally!


Basically these kids have never matured past being a baby. They cry, they get reinforced. If they don’t get reinforced they act out until they do get reinforced. And for them, attention is more than enough reinforcement.

Just like today, Princess was upset over something stupid. So when I call everyone to the floor (because I no longer have a carpet) she didn’t move from her seat. Why didn’t she move? Because she knows if she stays at her seat at some point I’ll have to give her special attention.

So what do I do? I start reinforcing every student that came to the floor quietly and the first time I asked them to. Does a person really need to be reinforced for following a simple direction? I mean, a dog, sure, but a person shouldn’t need a treat for doing something as simple as listening to and following a direction that most toddlers can do.

But apparently, that’s the age we live in. So, now I’m ignoring Princess because I don’t want to reinforce her for not following directions. But when Ms. Baker comes in and sees a student not engaged, she assumes I’m allowing that student to get out of doing work. But that’s not why she’s sitting there pouting.

So what does Ms. Baker do? She goes over to Princess and comforts her! Bitch! Leave the kid alone!

She talks to Princess and rubs her back and then asks her very sweetly to come to the floor. And she’s all happy because she got a special request. NO! I’m not going to baby her! GRRRRRR!!!!!!



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