“Huge THANK YOU to My Mentor!” Wednesday November 2, 2016

mentos thank you.jpgI had a mentor meeting this afternoon and when we were scheduling it I mentioned that my library had been cleaned out. Well she showed up at my classroom door with a wagon full of books!

I’ve never been more excited to see books before! My mentor said that she took her wagon to all of the second grade teachers at her school and asked for donations and then she found a stash of old books in her school’s book room. She says that the public library donated a bunch to her school that they didn’t need.

Of course after our meeting I spent all evening writing my name in all of the books and then trying to organize my classroom library by subject. That took so long!

My mentor apologized for my observation going poorly, even though it’s not her fault. She feels bad because she felt my assessment was good. She made copies of my evaluation and said she would have my back if I wanted to appeal.

Then we had a good talk about how hard the first year of teaching is. She said she cried almost every night her first year, too. That made me feel a little better.

I’m lucky to have a good mentor. She’s been really encouraging and told me that she would write me a letter of recommendation and try to get me a position at her school. She says that between my awful students and an unsupportive principal she understands how I might be discouraged.

Then she helped me decide what to include in my report card from the grades I’ve been taking. She made a good point about making the more important assessments worth more or less points depending on how well students did. It still seems pretty arbitrary what I include in my report card.

Basically the lesson is that I’m the teacher and I know my students best so the grades should reflect how I feel about them. As long as I don’t feel like they should be failing.


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