“Happy Halloween.” Monday October 31, 2016

e71b61b1fbaec0d58b511b31ba01b625Let me just say that 1-hour for a party was way longer than I thought it would be. I only prepared one game of “Ghosts in the Graveyard” (which was just “Heads-up, 7-up”) and some Halloween worksheets. I ended up having to improvise and we did a freeze dance with spooky songs. It was lame. The other teachers had cool games and neat crafts and Betty blacked out her windows and gave everybody glow sticks. I guess I just didn’t have any good ideas.

As for the classroom getting “robbed” the students were very upset about their books being taken away. One girl even started crying because she couldn’t find her bookmark.

I also realized that Mrs. Halloway took some of my stuff, too. I had a thing of dice that’s gone and she took boxes of gallon-sized baggies that I had brought in from home.

Connie stopped in this afternoon to give her apologies for my classroom emptying out. I told her how upset my kids were about some of the books and she asked me to make a list of the books the kids liked and she would try to track some down.

I spent all evening scanning Craigslist hoping that maybe some retired teacher was moving to Florida and needed to get rid of a library of books.

On top of all the scramble to salvage my classroom materials, I’ve neglected my lesson planning and now I’m behind.

Oh, and I let my students redo their test from last week and only two kids improved from failing to passing.


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