“It’s My Classroom Now!”

I received word today that Mrs. Halloway was officially not returning to Beech Elementary School! All year I’ve had to include this woman’s name on all of my communication to parents and her name’s also above mine on my classroom door.

That feeling like any day she could return is gone. That’s not exactly a good thing. Secretly, I was hoping she would return and then the pressure would be off of me. I would be a resource teacher/floating substitute and just help Ms. Baker and I’d get to keep my current salary.

6429395-380x221That hope is gone, now. It’s my classroom and completely my responsibility.

The worst part is that Mrs. Halloway was coming in this weekend to pick up all of her stuff. And, as a first-year teacher, I don’t have any of my own stuff.

I’m not sure what this woman is going to take. Connie only told me to put my things aside. I hope she leaves the books in the library. I’m not really sure what things in the classroom belong to Mrs. Halloway and what things belong to the school.

This could be really bad if she takes a lot of things that I use…


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