“Benchmarking Failure” Tuesday October 25, 2016

via-pingerRemember how I thought that I had bench marked my students wrong? Well, turns out I was right. Ms. Baker, the special services teacher re-benchmarked the students she pulls, and yeah, my levels were too low.

This came to me through a very curt email from my principal.

It’s come to my attention that your students are in the wrong reading level. See me.

I talked to Connie after school and I could tell that she was pissed off. She asked me how this could happen and I told her I followed the benchmarking rules that had been sent to me. Then she asked why when Ms. Baker had children read they were at a totally different level. I told her I was really unsure what I was doing. She told me that Ms. Baker would be pulling all of my students this week to re-benchmark them. She told me that if I’m ever unsure of how to do something that I need to seek help.

I left there feeling awful! I knew something was wrong, but I did the best I could. I don’t think it’s very fair to be so hard on a first-year teacher. I stepped into my position a week before school started. There was probably hours of training on this over the summer that I missed. It’s not my fault!


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