“I’m Just a Basic Teacher” Thursday October 20, 2016

365974I finally stopped crying long enough to write this. I can’t express enough how disappointed, sad, mad, frustrated, aggravated, annoyed, confused, and upset I am. I realize some of those feelings are redundant.

Note, I worked hard on my lesson plan. I started preparing for my observation two weeks before it happened. I had my mentor double-check my lesson plan to ensure that it was good work.

And I didn’t do well on my observation.

Let me explain how this works. There are 4 domains:

Domain 1: Classroom Strategies and Behaviors
Domain 2: Planning and Preparing
Domain 3: Reflecting on Teaching
Domain 4: Collegiality and Professionalism

And there’s a page on each domain of things that I’m evaluated on. Each thing has 4 possible scores: unsatisfactory, basic, proficient, and distinguished.

Oh, and for the record, they won’t hire back any teacher that isn’t proficient. Which is based on a cumulative observation at the end of the year.

As of right now I wouldn’t be hired back (and half of my class would fail, too.)

Some of the things that were unsatisfactory: my assessment for my students. Her notes were that my “assessment was too subjective and wouldn’t provide accurate data.” This is particularly frustrating since this is something that she has been bitching about since the beginning of the year and has yet to offer anything constructive. ALSO, I had my mentor check my lesson and thought my assessment was great!

I also had lots of unsatisfactory notes in domain 4. Apparently, I’m supposed to be calling all of my student’s parents every night and chatting about their children’s progress.

Most of the stuff was basic. She said I had plenty of time to improve and this doesn’t mean anything yet. It’s the yet that worries me.

I did tell her that I corrected my apostrophe/comma mix-up yesterday by reteaching that moment, but I’m not sure if Connie even cares.

I can’t figure out if Connie has something personal against me, or if she’s just a bitch, or a difficult person to read, but I don’t like her. She hasn’t been helpful or supportive and I’m nervous whenever I’m with her.

If I’m a first year teacher and my assessments are so bad then why hasn’t Connie offered to help me? I didn’t tell my team about my evaluation, but they warned me that Connie likes to pick on certain teachers. I’m not sure what I did to piss her off. If I’m not going to be hired back next year, I’m not sure if I’ll even bother looking for another job. I’m not even sure if I want to be a teacher anymore.


One thought on ““I’m Just a Basic Teacher” Thursday October 20, 2016

  1. Observations are a dog and pony show, and no one can really prepare and teach like that every single day. That being said, most teachers I know are not happy with their observations, and even the most seasoned teachers often still don’t know exactly what ‘they” want. The framework is supposed to be be more objective, being a rubric and all, but it really isn’t totally objective. It was helpful and eye opening to read the scripted lesson, and most teachers I know teachers have stated, “I really said or did that?”
    Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s tough enough being a new teacher without worrying and wondering what’s required especially when it is so hard to get a straight answer along with dealing with everything else on a teacher’s plate today. Take what you can as a learning experience.
    You are not alone, believe me.


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