“First Formal Observation” Tuesday October 18, 2016

a-observationI had my first observation today. I don’t think it went well. I’m not sure. I’m fairly certain that I called an apostrophe a comma. I didn’t even realize that I did that until I read Principal Belstead’s notes. I’m trying to not freak out right now.

She observed my literacy group. We read a story and worked on using context clues to determine difficult vocabulary words. I specifically chose a text with a lot of unique words. This particular story was called Kiki’s Kimono.

I asked my students how I could determine what the word “kimono” means based on the clues. And the clue was the picture. We inferred that Kiki must be the name of the girl in the picture and kimono must be something that belongs to Kiki because of the little “comma” and “s” after Kiki’s name. (Yes, I know now that it’s an apostrophe and I knew before but I was nervous and my students didn’t even correct me.)

Connie basically just took a transcript of my lesson. There wasn’t anything in her notes that could be interpreted as an opinion. There was Ms. Sinclair did this and then the students did this and Ms. Sinclair said this and so on.

And there happens to be about a half a page of dialogue in her notes about how I kept calling an apostrophe a comma.

How bad is this? I keep going back between “no big deal” and “a total, major fuck-up.

My kids weren’t too awful, however. I warned them that they were being observed and that if anyone wasn’t well-behaved it would be a serious consequence.

Fortunately, Tyrese and one other student was pulled for services. (I planned it that way.)

My plan may not have worked, though. I dunno. I meet with her on Thursday to get my evaluation score. I feel like puking.

The worst part is that I wrote up my reflection (how I felt about my lesson) before I noticed her notes and realized that I confused those words. Which means that she probably thought I didn’t read her notes. I did read her notes, I just didn’t read them closely enough until now. I already sent in my reflection even though it isn’t due until tomorrow afternoon.

I want to cry and throw up.


One thought on ““First Formal Observation” Tuesday October 18, 2016

  1. Observations are a huge stress load, and that, combined with all of the testing, data, and behaviors are why so many teachers burn out. Hang in there, we’ve all had observation faux pas. Just be honest and tell her in your meeting that you were nervous, and that all of this is a learning experience you will use.
    You’ve been dealt a tough class for your first year. If you can survive them you can survive anything. It won’t always be this hard, some years great, other years rougher. But you will always remember this first group. And if even if it doesn’t feel like it, you will make a positive impact on them too .

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