“Whose Fault is it if a Student Fails?” Monday October 17, 2016

We still have four weeks until the end of the first quarter, but as of right now many of my students are failing. Specifically, they haven’t been doing well on the common assessments. These are the assessments that are used district-wide. I wasn’t aware of the first common assessment, so when it came time for my students to take it I hadn’t prepared them. Because I hadn’t looked at it. Because I didn’t know it existed.

imagesEven still, in order to cover all of the material on our common assessments I often have to move onto new topics before my class has mastered the previous concept.

Which means my kids were also unprepared for the second common assessment because I felt I had to address all of the stuff they missed on the first common assessment.

So it’s really not the students’ fault that they’re failing because I haven’t been properly preparing them for their tests. However, this time I have the next common assessment and I’m teaching the material that’s on their.

I have a good feeling that most of my students will do well. But what about my low group. I’d say two of them are legitimately struggling. Their brains just don’t grasp things as quickly as the other students.

But the other two… well, they’re not stupid. They’re lazy. Tyrese isn’t dumb. He can’t read, but that’s only because he spends all of his class time being an asshole. If he would focus for a full lesson without flopping to the floor, he’d probably be fine.

I also found out that I can’t fail any kids. Our students don’t fail. If that were true than all of my students reading at a kindergarten level would still be in kindergarten.

Anyway, I feel like now I’m just teaching directly to the assessment and I hate it. We have two more common assessments before the first quarter ends and my kids need to pass both of them to pass the first quarter.


What do you think?

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