“I Die a Little Inside Every Week” Friday October 14, 2016

e8ae1c1db40797ca41742f11a2011c6bToday I made two of my girls cry. Don’t feel sad for them, they don’t know how to shut their mouths.

My class is loud. It’s noisy because all of my kids talk constantly. They don’t know how to whisper. They talk out without raising their hands. They have opinions about every topic.

The best way to deal with the noise level in class has been the marble jars. When they’re quiet I add a marble, when they’re loud I take a marble. Well, they’ve been out of marbles for some time now. So I took a new approach and singled kids out.

I know it’s not a recommended classroom management technique but these two girls honestly can’t stop talking.

In this case it was during Social Studies. We were reading a scholastic weekly reader about a zoo and the children’s assignment was to write a fictional letter to the zoologist from the passage.

It was an individual writing assignment, no partners needed. So when they started their letters the two girls, Angie and Princess started talking.

“Angie and Princess! Is there any reason why you should be talking?”

“I was just asking her a question, gosh!”

“You have all have an assignment, it should be silent in here.”

I’d say less than a second later those two are whispering.

“Angie and Princess. Both of you can move your clips down.”

“We weren’t the only ones talking! Drake was talking, too!”

“Who can you control? Can you control what other people do?”

They move their clips down and then I’m not shitting you, as soon as they sit down again they start to whisper.

“Angie and Princess. You can both move your clips down again.”

“But she was talking to me!”

“Then why don’t you go sit at the back table so she can’t talk to you anymore.”

Now they’re on red and if they end the day on red they have to write a letter home to their parents. So Angie moves to the back table and I shit you not, they still try to talk to each other.

Another student comes up to my desk to ask me a question and I guess the whole class took that as the okay to start talking because everyone starts whispering and while I’m helping the student the noise just builds.

And when I look up I see Angie quick turn away from Princess and Princess’s eyes go wide as she tries to act like she wasn’t just talking again. I casually get the forms to have them write why they ended the day on red and what they can do to improve their behavior for next time.

“Angie and Princess. Both of you can now write notes to your parents and explain why you’re having trouble completing your assignment.”

And then they both just lost it, and I get it. I was picking on them, I’m sure whatever they were talking about was important to them, and I did not offer much patience.

So they both cried as they wrote out their forms. They didn’t finish their assignment, but neither did a lot of students so we’ll continue it on Monday.

After school Princess apologized to me. She said that they were having a playdate tomorrow and she was trying to tell her some of the details. Then she gave me a hug.

This job is hard.


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