“I’m I the Only One That Thinks Kids Are Spoiled?” Wednesday October 12, 2016

imagesWe had a staff meeting today and the lecture was about behaviors. Our school has a lot of behavior problems, so it’s not just me.

The special services teacher told this story about a girl who refused to take down her hood. (Now that it’s getting cooler the students can wear school sweatshirts.) The teacher said that it was disrespectful to have her hood up and gave her a warning to put it down. The girl refused. So the teacher wrote her up for being defiant.

To me, this makes sense. The child is being disobedient. I think the teacher did everything right.

Well, the special services teacher said that she handled the write up and knew that something was wrong. The special services teacher wanted to find the cause for the behavior. In my opinion the cause is that she’s being a brat. But the special services teachers asks her, “Are you upset about your hair? Is that why you don’t want to put your hood down?”

cant-keep-calm-cuz-im-going-insaneStop. Right there. I call bullshit. You’re giving the girl an excuse! If she didn’t communicate that originally, then that isn’t the reason. The special services just gave the girl an out.

Of course the girl says “yes, that’s why I kept my hood up.” And do you wanna know what the special services teacher does? She gives her a fucking headband to hold back her hair and sends her back to class.

Not only did the girl not get a consequence for her defiance, she got rewarded for it.

This is a serious problem. I’m all about identifying the cause of behaviors. I’m certain most of the behaviors in my class are to get out of doing work or to get attention. The natural consequence for both of those is to stay in and do the work or ignoring them.

But what do they give my worst student? He gets extra attention and he gets out of class!

And the worst part is that all of the teachers don’t see any problems with how we’re treating these students!

I know I’m new so I can’t say much. But come on, people! Who’s running the school here?

I have one student that literally is making it hard for the other students in my class to get a good education. He’s loud, disruptive, and takes serious time away. I guarantee that if he were removed, no banished, from my classroom that everybody else would benefit.

Instead I have to give this little shit special treatment and continuously apologize to the other students and the parents of those students because there’s nothing we can do about it. And that’s a fact. We can’t touch him and he knows it. No matter what he does short of something excessively violent, he’ll be sent back to class.

That’s not fair. To anyone.


What do you think?

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