“Happy Columbus Day!” Monday October 10, 2016

2d5106ebbc581e494fab702329062508I’m so happy to have the day off you have no idea. Which probably means I’ll pay for it tomorrow when I get a new student and my entire class is insane after the long weekend.

I imagine their home lives to be unstructured free-for-alls which makes school a difficult adjustment.

But I took some time for myself today. I worked out by going for a jog. Then I caught up on my social media and TV shows I’ve been denying myself.

How sweet it is to relax. I took this day off seriously. I need this time off to reflect on my teaching as well. I’m realizing that I’m not having fun at work. I’m an elementary teacher, goddamnit! Why can’t we have some fun?

So tomorrow I’m changing my frame of mind.

I’m going to be in a positive mood.

I’m not going to take misbehaviors personally.

I’m going to accept my role as an educator and stop blaming the students for their failures.

I’m going to be better about reinforcing the good students.

I’m going to focus on the good things that happen in my classroom instead of the negative things.

Wish me luck and thank you all for reading!


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