“Getting a New Student?!” Sunday October 9, 2016

It’s a good thing I started to read my emails. I have a new student starting Tuesday!  The email came in Friday night and I missed it because I honestly didn’t think that it was me that would be getting a new student. The email was addressed to the entire staff about “a new student joining Miss Sinclair’s classroom.”

Also, I didn’t realize that Monday was Columbus Day…

How is this possible? Why would they give the new teacher a new student?

I think Dania and Betty both have 22 students. Now so will I. That’s a little tough. I have to give this student a desk, a name tag, a clip, a cubby, and then put her into a reading group…

new-student-starfish-2I feel sorry for her already. I didn’t have time to at least warn my students and tell them to be nice to her.

Also, it’s really scary to start a new school, let alone after the school year has already started.

I don’t have any information on my new student other than her name and age. And her last name is very unique with a lot of vowels. As if I didn’t have enough stress.

Oh, and for the record, I did not go out last night. I had no plans. Zooey had a date. I was right that the people from her parent’s anniversary party were going to fix her up.

Here’s Zooey’s recount of her date: They met at an average bar/restaurant, he ordered a disgusting appetizer without asking her if she wanted anything, had four beers, tried putting his hand on her thigh several times despite her literally pinching his skin to get him to stop, split the bill with her (even though she only had one drink and a salad), and then “stuck his tongue down her throat” in the parking lot and asked her if he wanted to go back to his place.

She won’t be seeing him again. And, damn! Just when I was thinking that I was missing out by having no time to date.



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