“Reading Group Confusion” Friday October 7, 2016

baby-gifconfused-gifidkgood-luck-charlieI’m officially confused about reading groups. I’m supposed to be doing guided reading, shared reading, and independent reading with my different reading groups. There are five reading groups in all because my students are reading at five different levels.

That means that I can meet with each reading group individually once a week. That also means that I have to prep five different reading groups.

Thankfully, Mrs. Halloway’s library is well-stocked and she has plenty of leveled-readers.

My group chooses a skill to work on based on the common core standards. We’ve been working on identifying the central message of fables and folktales.

I’ve been doing a whole-group instruction where we read a fable and I help them to identify the central message. Then I pull a reading group and we do basically the same thing as a small group while the rest of the class reads silently and completes a graphic organizer about the central message based on one of the leveled readers.

This is becoming impossible to keep up with. Some of my students have been complaining that they’ve read all of the books. That’s actually a good problem to have because most of my students don’t do anything during independent work.

And, because I haven’t actually read all of these books I’m not even sure if they’re filling out the graphic organizers correctly. Not that I would have time to check them all anyway.

I think my students are picking up on this and since I haven’t graded any of their work, I’m pretty sure they just write down random words and turn it in to earn their ticket.

I guess this is “student centered” but that’s only because I’m just one person. I feel like I should be meeting more with my lower groups because they can barely read as it is.

The students in my lowest reading group can’t read! They’re not bad at identifying the central message when I read the story to them, but what difference does that make if they can’t read on their own?

I feel like I’m wasting my time and the time of my students. They’re not going to improve if I only have time to teach them how to read once per week.


What do you think?

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