“Line Leaders” Wednesday October 5, 2016

funny-pictures-leader-in-elementary-school-god-complexI don’t have a clear policy when it comes to the responsibility of “line leader.” During student teaching the students had “jobs” and the line leader was assigned and rotated out each week.

I felt like keeping track of jobs was a waste of time. Also, I feel like when I was a kid I didn’t care where I was in line. I just wanted to walk by my friends.

What I do like doing is forcing my students to sit quietly before even allowing them to line up. Then I call them into line one at a time. I never mentioned the words “line leader”. If you were in front that was because you were listening. If you talk in line you can go sit down and try again. And we’ll all wait and make you feel awful for making the entire class late to lunch, recess, or a special.

Because let’s face it. Leaving the classroom is good. It’s motivation to behave. But now a couple of students (the bad ones) have been complaining how even when they sit quietly, they’re never called first to line up. And that’s true. I force them to sit there quietly the longest because they were probably being obnoxious during the previous activity.

So I’ve been ignoring this line leader nonsense, but today I snapped and said that if they mention the words “line leader” or complain about it, I’ll be sure to call them up last.

I don’t understand the entitlement some of the students feel. What difference does it make who walks in the front? Ironically, the kids I repeatedly put in the front of the line probably don’t care and certainly wouldn’t complain about it.

I feel like these kids are never told “no” at home. I like telling them no. It prepares them for real life.



What do you think?

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