“So Much Positive Reinforcement” Monday October 3, 2016

I tried to stay in a good mood today, I really did. I was feeling much better and I was fresh off of a good, long weekend. I went into work super early to make copies and read the sub report.

The substitute didn’t do half of the things I left for her. Her report:

“It was a pleasure subbing for your class! We got through most of the material. I left their work in your bin. We did play some games and I read them some Scaredy Squirrel books. They loved them! There were 2 absences: Tyrese and Ani”

Tyrese was absent? God damn it. And she played games and read books?! No wonder it “was a pleasure”!

That set me off, but also made me optimistic that maybe Tyrese would be absent today, too. He was not. He showed up and he was sick. He was sneezing on everyone. Not even an attempt to cover his mouth.

positive reinforcementI worked really hard today to make this positive reinforcement bullshit work. I’m reinforced individuals with tickets, I’m reinforcing the class with marbles, and I’m reinforcing with the clip chart. All these kids have to do is sit there and not speak and I’m showering them with praise.

For most of my students it works great. They want to finish the day on green, they want tickets, they get excited about marbles. For about five of the students, they just want attention and they don’t care how they get it.

Oh, and there’s another kid who wants to do the “three strike thing” that Tyrese does. He’s jealous that Tyrese gets to go out and play basketball. And why wouldn’t he be? All he has to do is start misbehaving a lot and then he’ll get special treatment.

At least it’s October. One month down. 8 more months to go.

P.S. I met with my mentor today. She’s really nice and told me to email or call her anytime. She teaches 4th grade so she can’t give me a whole lot of materials, but she offered to work on my lesson plan for my formal observation. So that’s good.


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