“I’m Becoming Forgetful!” Saturday October 1, 2016

347024e9fb9aa2317dda4f6ea9eda2dbI had a meeting yesterday after school with my mentor. I completely forgot about it. I checked my email last night to see if any of my kids got arrested or something and there was a message from my mentor saying that there must have been a miscommunication because she thought I was coming to see her.

I emailed her back and told her that I was sick and completely forgot. We rescheduled for Monday.

I’m not usually forgetful. I also forgot my mom’s birthday this week.

And I completely forgot that Aunt Fran and Uncle Roger’s 25th anniversary party is tonight. I was thinking about not going because I was sick, but Zooey really needs my support. There’s going to be a lot of my aunt and uncle friend’s there that haven’t seen Zooey in a while and they’ll wonder what happened with her and Vince.

Or at least that’s what she says. Personally, I doubt they’ll think about Vince. If anything they’ll try to set Zooey up with their sons and cousins and stuff.

I also would usually  drag Johnny to these types of gatherings. You know the ones where you’re there to support one couple and have no idea who any of the other people are. So you stand in the corner talking to the person you came with and occasionally have to awkwardly talk to a person who only remembers you’re name because they asked someone else before coming over to ambush you.

I’m not a socializer. I don’t remember details about other people’s lives unless it somehow is connected to my own. I don’t remember how people are related and I don’t really like most of the people in my family.

This ought to be great.


One thought on ““I’m Becoming Forgetful!” Saturday October 1, 2016

  1. I hope you survive this. 🙂
    My mind often wandered like that, until I started using some focusing medication. In education it seems to be the only thing that helped me.


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