“Taking My First Paid Sick Day” Friday September 30, 2016

Why is it that just by taking the day off from work you feel better? If I had gone into work this morning there is no doubt that I would feel miserable. But I’m actually feeling better. I went to bed early and slept for over 12 hours. It was amazing!

sick-day1I watched Netflix again for the first time in weeks. That felt great. I’ve been going to the bathroom at will! That’s great.

But now I’m thinking I need to get a jumpstart on my lesson plans for the following week. Also, I only planned for Friday which means I’m going to have to get into work super early on Monday to set everything up. I was thinking of even going into work this afternoon just to clean up after the substitute.

I really hope my kids are being good. But then again I also kinda hope that they’re awful for the substitute so that someone can sympathize with me. Or that they’re so bad for the sub that the sub quits in the middle of the day and everyone can be like, “Miss Sinclair’s class is really bad. I feel so sorry for her. How does she do it?”

Is that being selfish? That I want credit for dealing with these awful students? Or am I being a rotten teacher right now?

It just sucks that I put so much effort into planning, grading, and dealing with these kids and I get no respect from anyone. I was relaxed. Now thinking about school has made me angry. I’m going to watch a stupid movie and try to forget about my problems.


What do you think?

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