“Longest Day Ever!” Thursday September 29, 2016

I’m so tired. I mean, I’m usually tired. But right now, I’m very tired. If I closed my eyes for more than a second I think I would fall asleep.

rough-dayThankfully I’m all set for a substitute teacher tomorrow. Feel sorry or her. Or him. My kids were unusually terrible today.

Tyrese and I got into a battle today over the bathroom. I don’t make that big of a deal about the bathroom. I figure if you have to go, fine. They’re allowed one bathroom break in the morning and one after lunch.

However, today I did not let Tyrese go to the bathroom because he hadn’t done any work all morning. I decided to use the bathroom as motivation. I told him if he finished his writing he could use the bathroom. Which isn’t hard. His writing isn’t even writing. I’ve never been able to read anything he’s ever written, anyway. He could literally just scribble lines on his paper and that would be good enough.

Instead we get into an argument about how badly he has to go. But I already said “no” and I wasn’t going to change my mind. And the more he argued, the more frustrated I got. He must win these arguments otherwise he would just accept my word. In fact, none of my students accept anything I say. They argue about everything.

Clearly there are adults in these children’s lives that give in to them otherwise they wouldn’t complain and whine about every little thing.

Tyrese doesn’t get the bathroom and he strikes out. And I told him he can stay in for lunch so he can finish his work.

So he leaves. He gets up and walks out the door. I follow the same procedure I did the last time he left. I send a student to the office to tell an adult to go after Tyrese.

And what happens? Tyrese goes to the bathroom and the secretary walks him back and she says, “Tyrese says it was an emergency and you wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom. He went to the bathroom and now he’s ready to work.”

Huh? That’s it? That’s all you’re going to do? So if he wants to use the bathroom and I say “no” he can just walk out and do it? FUCK THAT!

I told him it was completely unacceptable for him to leave the room without permission, I told him it was dangerous, that if something were to happen I wouldn’t know where he was, and I told him he would be staying in for lunch and recess to practice staying in the classroom.

He didn’t seem to upset about it. So I called his mother again after school. She’s actually very sweet. She apologized for not calling me back, she said that she works late. She talked about how she doesn’t know what to do with Tyrese and that’s she’s very sorry. I got the impression Tyrese’s mom is too nice. That she’s afraid to stand up to him. It’s so sad, really.

But he’s the substitute’s problem tomorrow!! Ha! Ha! Ha! <cough> <cough>




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