“I’m Sick” Wednesday September 28, 2016

MjAxMy0zZmUxZGY4YjZkNjE5Njlm I hate being sick. Of course, not many people enjoy being sick. I have a horrible sore throat, bad headache, I’m aching, my nose is stuffed which is making me mouth-breathe which is making my throat worse. It’s a vicious cycle. It started around lunch time today.

I should call in sick tomorrow. Except that 1. I don’t know HOW to call in sick. and 2. I don’t have plans prepared for a substitute teacher.

I’m going to go into work tomorrow. I’m going figure out what I have to do to get a substitute and I’m going to take Friday off and give myself a three-day weekend. It shouldn’t be too hard. I’m ahead because of MAP testing.

I’ll cut this one short and try to get extra sleep tonight. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be rough.


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