“I Have a Mentor?” Tuesday September 27, 2016

I’m still not sure if I’m a long-term substitute or a first-year teacher. But I have been given a district-appointed mentor. I’ve considered Dania my mentor up until now, but this actually required for all first year teachers.

ba24937695a46aa38364e9c9bf344a0aConnie asked me if I had gotten in touch with my mentor and I was honest and told her I didn’t know what she was talking about. She gave me this woman’s information and told me that I had to meet with her once a month.

This woman isn’t even in the same school. Her school is in our zone, but this is just another thing to add to my infinite list of shit to do.

I emailed her and she said she tried emailing me earlier in the year but I probably ignored that message. Anyway, we’re going to meet at her school on Friday after school.

I suppose it’s good. I need support. I have no idea was guided reading is supposed to look like. I’m not sure how to prepare for my observations. I’m still struggling with classroom management, time management, grading, scoring, assessments, lesson planning, okay basically everything. I’m struggling with everything except for teaching. I feel like when I have a lesson plan and a good assessment I’m really good at getting in front of the class and teaching.

If only teaching could only be teaching.


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