“My Job Is Impossible” Saturday September 23, 2016

I keep thinking about if I’m having a hard time because it’s my first year teaching or whether or not things are just this hard. Dania has been teaching for 20 years and she says that this year’s group of kids are the worst she’s ever had. But she also says that she said the same thing a couple of years ago. Which doesn’t boast much excitement in my blossoming career.

overwhelmed-smallerIf the kids are just going to keep getting worse each year I don’t imagine me staying around. It’s not worth it. I can’t get over just how awful 2nd graders can be. They’re bossy, rude, and worst of all they’re disrespectful.

And yes, I’d say that more than half of my class are really sweet kids. But the rotten kids are so bad I feel like they’re corrupting the goods ones.

They’re all desperate for attention and they’re stupid. I know as a teacher I shouldn’t call my kids stupid, but they are. They’re stupid.

We do an addition or a subtraction worksheet everyday. They still forget to write their names, they still will subtract on the addition worksheet and add on the subtraction worksheet, and a lot of them still get the same problems wrong.

And reading? Forget about it. I swear after I read something to them that they must’ve been watching something entirely different in their heads because their answers have NOTHING to do with the story.

Not only are my kids poorly behaved, but they’re not even operating a second grade level. If I did my benchmarking correctly, then only 4 kids are at grade level. Everyone else is at a first grade or kindergarten level.

At this point, I feel my job is impossible. It’s not possible for one person to control all of these behaviors and get each student up to grade level with the current support I have. I’m already working nights and weekends.

Thankfully, Zooey is taking me out again. I don’t think we’re going to the club (but that would be sweet), but whatever she has planned usually takes my mind off of work.



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