“Fallout from Yesterday” Thursday September 22, 2016

I hate that this one kid is ruining my classroom. Because he’s not the only problem. More than half of the class misbehaves but I just don’t have the capacity to deal with their behaviors and Tyrese’s.

Ms. Bakker came in this morning to apologize to Tyrese. She said that she was stuck in a different classroom for another student and it was completely a one-time thing and would never happen again. She told Tyrese that he did such a good job that if he was good today that she’d take him out twice as long to make it up to him.

frustAnd Tyrese was in rare form today. He wasn’t able to keep quiet. He repeatedly was tapping his desk with the length of his pencil and drumming with his hands. So I would take his pencil away and he would get up out of his seat and steal somebody’s pencil right out of their hand. I would watch him do this, tell him to give it back, and he would deny that he did anything at all.

So when he didn’t earn his baseballs for the first three activities it became unlikely that he would earn his points in the afternoon and he was acting like an ass to everyone. Falling into people in line, trying to trip people, flicking the back of student’s ears while we were on the carpet, etc.

A huge downfall of this behavior plan is that after he gets three strikes he no longer has any motivation to behave until the next activity.

Miraculously he ended up earning two baseballs. He earned one in music and one for science because our activity was basically just making clay.

So it’s the end of the day, we’re in social studies reading a Weekly Reader and he’s engaging in a behavior that doesn’t really match anything listed on his board.

His board lists: not being distracting, staying in his area, and keeping his hands to himself. He was sitting at his desk, not paying attention with his head tilted backwards making spit bubbles. He had already had two strikes for gargling the spit because I considered that to be distracting. And he was foaming at the mouth when Ms. Bakker walked in.

I told her that he had a rough morning but nearly pulled it around this afternoon. He was one strike away from not getting anything. But even though he was a particular jerk today, Ms. Bakker took him out to play basketball.

The world no longer makes any sense to me.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I benchmarked the first five kids wrong.


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