“First Day of New Plan” Wednesday September 21, 2016

Ms. Bakker came in this morning and explained Tyrese’s behavior plan to him. Apparently the two of them worked it out so Tyrese gets to go outside and play basketball with Ms. Bakker if he earns all of his baseballs.

Ms. Bakker encouraged me to be generous because this plan will work best if he really wants the reward. I said I’d play along.

The plan actually worked for most of the day. He would usually quiet down after two warnings. That was obnoxious because I’m basically giving him two free passes to hit someone, throw something, get up out of his chair, or disrupt the class. So, it wasn’t like the day went any better.

The plan was Ms. Bakker would stop by the class at the end of the day to pull Tyrese if he earned his points. She didn’t show up. Tyrese earned all of his points. The first day. And she’s a no show.

0f10a3a0a4159db7e32432cec51b7e36All I could say to Tyrese was that something must’ve come up and that he’ll get his reward another time. He was upset about it, as he should be! I was upset about it! Don’t put a plan in place that basically hinges on him getting a reward for good behavior and then bail.

I feel like anytime an adult breaks his or her word to a child, that child trusts adults less and less. And that trust is what children need to grow into responsible adults. But if the adults raising these children can’t be responsible, it’s no surprise when those kids grow up to be rotten people.


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