“A Behavior Plan” Tuesday September 20, 2016

Today went a little better than yesterday. I was nervous to go to work because I thought I would be reprimanded for what happened yesterday. But it looks like I’m actually getting some support.

I met with the special education teacher after school. She wants to try a behavior plan with Tyrese. She asked me what behaviors I would like to change. I told her that he’s distracting, he doesn’t stay in his area, and he doesn’t keep his hands to himself.

She said that we need to reinforce him whenever he isn’t engaging in those behaviors. She created these sheets with three boxes for each activity from our schedule. She said if he can make it through 50% of the activities without engaging in those behaviors that she’ll pull him to play a game or something.

He gets three strikes for each 436529980_origactivity. If I have to warn him about his behavior I give him a strike by drawing an “X” in the box. If he doesn’t strike out, he earns a baseball. If he gets three baseballs in a day, he gets to play with Ms. Baker.

It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

This kid is awful. And now he’s going to get special treatment BECAUSE he’s awful.

I thought the school was all about rewarding the students who are good. Shouldn’t the good students get to go play at the end of the day? Instead now Tyrese gets to be rewarded for acting like a normal person.

What’s next? Giving candy bars to murderers for not killing anyone?

I’ll follow the plan, but I don’t agree with it. I had to keep Tyrese in for lunch again today. I miss eating my lunch and having a break during the day.




3 thoughts on ““A Behavior Plan” Tuesday September 20, 2016

  1. I feel your pain.
    I hope the behaviour plan works. I am no psychologist, but maybe reinforcing good behaviour is better than punishing bad…..hmmmm. If I were the good kid, I might not see it so benignly.

    Good luck.

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