“I Love Telling People I’m a Teacher” Sunday September 18, 2016

Last night was fun. We met up with some of Zooey’s friends from work. They took us to this club where we got to sit in a VIP section! i-make-my-own-entrance-y-amp-039-all_o_1420601

It was really cool. The room was quieter and I was actually able to talk to some of them. Apparently, one of Zooey’s friends does physical therapy for a professional athlete and this guy invited her and her friends out. Even though I’ve never heard of him it was exciting to meet a celebrity.

I had to talk to new people. Most of them had real city jobs with titles with the words executive or analyst in the title. I felt like I had the most interesting job.

However, I had to defend my profession to some bitch. I told her I was a teacher and she was like, “Oh, God! I would love to teach! You guys get SO much time off!”

I know the year just started, but I can’t imagine that she works as much as I do. And judging by her dress and shoes she probably earns three times what I make. I think if I were making that much money I wouldn’t mind working so much because I could probably retire earlier.

But most people gave me respect. Even though I feel like most people believe teaching is easy because they’ve all been students. Trust me. Teaching is not easy. I’m hungover and now I have to finish lesson planning.



2 thoughts on ““I Love Telling People I’m a Teacher” Sunday September 18, 2016

  1. Being an ESL teacher doesn’t have so much cachet. If I tell a woman my job she usually disappears faster than …..I can’t even think of an appropriate metaphor.
    I would lie…but since I can’t even finish the sentence above, I doubt that would work.

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