“The Importance of Down-time” Friday September 16, 2016

Looking back I think the reason I felt so good on Monday was because I partied over the weekend. I took time out of my schedule to not think about work. Considering I literally worked all evening yesterday made for a terrible day today.

I did not sleep well at all last night. I love sleeping. It’s my favorite thing. In fact, I’m looking forward to being dead at this moment.

'I just needed to get away for a while and recharge my batteries.'

But I think since I didn’t unwind last night. I didn’t have any alcohol, or even a proper meal, or watch TV, that my brain is completely fried.

I remember tossing and turning and being up at 2:30am last night worrying about my lesson plans. And then today, I woke up with a horrible headache behind my eyes.

And I imagine that my crappy mood rubbed off on my students. They were monsters. So fucking loud. All the time. They can’t shut up. I yelled at them. I straight up raised my voice and told everyone to back off, sit quietly at their desks and not to speak.

It was so obnoxious. I gave them this cute activity where they cut out and dress and label a Roman soldier’s uniform.

I thought it would be a good activity for my kids to do where I could pull students to benchmark. But half the class would get up to come talk to me. About the stupidest shit.

“Miss Sinclair, is it okay if I put the shield sideways?”

“Miss Sinclair, I can’t get my marker cap off.”

“Miss Sinclair, Tyrese is throwing spitballs and one flew in my mouth.”

“Miss Sinclair, what are we supposed to be doing?”

“Miss Sinclair, I have to go to the nurse. There’s a tiny cut on my finger that doesn’t require any actual medical attention but it might be just serious enough to justify getting out of class for a useless band-aid that I plan on picking off before the end of the day and leaving it under a group of desks so you can have difficulty picking it up off the floor because for some reason you feel sorry for the custodians for cleaning up after us because you believe it reflects poorly on your abilities as a teacher.”

I just couldn’t handle it anymore. If one more kid came up to me with stupid bullshit I might’ve slapped him across the face.

And even though I worked last night for them and it was stuff that needed to be done, I think today would’ve been so much better if I just left school at 5 and went home to watch TV.

So even though it stresses me out to not have anything ready for next week I think I need to cut loose this weekend and relax. I’m seriously stressed out.


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