“This Job Is Too Big For One Person” Thursday September 15, 2016

overworked-womanI spent most of my free time last week writing lesson plans for this week. Which I found out today weren’t even done correctly. I got a note from Connie that my lessons didn’t have any assessments. She said I need to have measurable assessments for every activity.

And my lesson plans for next week were due today. I bullshitted most of them because even though my team plans what “skills” or “topics” we’ll be working on, I still have to plan the nuts and bolts.

So let me explain why I didn’t get out of work until 10pm and that was only because the building was closing.

The kids leave at 3pm—Usually takes ten minutes before everyone has been picked up.

3:10—Pee. Because I haven’t had a break since lunch.

3:15—After school meeting with the librarian so she could explain to me how my kids can go to the library once a week. That took up too much time.

4:00—Clean up my room. After school all of the desks are out of place. There are pencils, papers, tickets, and somehow food wrappers, all over the floor.

4:20—Organize papers from the day’s activities. I have a “turn in” bin that we use for all of the activities where I just throw math, reading, science, and social studies stuff together.

4:45—Set up the classroom for tomorrow. This includes writing the schedule on the board for tomorrow, putting out a new bathroom sign out sheet, put out their morning activity on their desks, sharpen pencils, etc.

5:15—Grade the piles of papers. Most of the stuff I throw away, some stuff I put a giant check mark and put back in their mail boxes. However, each day we do both an addition and a subtraction four minute drill. This takes forever. I’m not that fast at math anyway. Fortunately most of my kids only do a couple of problems.

6:45—Eat the rest of my lunch while putting math scores into grade book.

7:20—Go to the copy room and make copies for tomorrow’s lessons. Fortunately, I had one printout of everything.

7:45—Write my weekly newsletter. I decided every Friday to write a report for parents of what we did during the week and what children can do over the weekend to practice those skills. This is part of my evaluation: Communicating with parents. Then I put those in their mail boxes.

8:45—Begin lesson planning for next week. This involves writing a description of every lesson for every subject as well as how I plan to assess them.

9:45— I’m told that I need to be out of the building by 10pm. I’m only up to Wednesday for my lesson plans.

10:00— Leave

10:30— Home. Bathroom. Finish lesson planning. Do a shitty job and will probably get called out on it by Connie.

11:30—Get ready for bed. Check-in with social life to confirm world is still there. Write blog to chronicle my life so people will understand why I went insane.


6:15am—Wake up and do it again.



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