“Formal Evaluations and Observations” Wednesday September 14, 2016

I met with my principal again today. I didn’t cry, but I could have. She came in to observe my class again. Unannounced. It was during our math time and we were working on basic addition skills.

I wrote down a problem and they held up their fingers to give the answer. To make it interesting I chose a child that got the answer correct to come up and write another problem on the board and continue the activity.

I thought it was a great lesson idea: it’s student-centered, they’re motivated to engage because then they get to come up to the board, and it helps them practice, and they can self correct mistakes.

It started out sort of okay, but once Connie walked in the problems became either super easy or too hard that even the kid writing it didn’t know the answer, and then kids started calling out the answers and the same kids were being picked so some of the students got mad for not being picked and then pairs started having side conversations and the whole thing fell apart after maybe four rounds.

And Connie wrote up her observations in an email to me. She said that I would be having three formal observations and one informal observation and f5bdf9733c037772785b2170a218765dthat it would be similar to her just stopping in and writing down what she sees and then filling out a rubric that she also attached.

Basically she felt that my lesson was terrible. She said that I have to think of how I’m going to assess my students. She said that my lesson had a major flaw in that was the first student to figure out the problem gave the answer away to everyone else. Students had nothing to show that proves they grasp the concept. And that they kept repeating problems anyway.

Again we met after school to discuss things. She didn’t bring up the lesson just told me that I would be observed two times in the fall and once in the spring and that I needed to receive a “proficient” score if I wanted to be hired back.

I think this is bullshit. I’m a full-time sub! And I’m hoping everyday that Mrs. Halloway comes back and I can be a resource teacher or that she doesn’t come back and takes all of her stuff out of the room.

I’m convinced that my principal doesn’t like me. She hasn’t been very nice. I have no idea why Mrs. Halloway is even gone!

Now I’m crying!


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