“My First Monday” September 12, 2016

aace4098250b102d94d7001438c0f03bI had a really positive attitude this morning. I told myself that I deserve this job and that I’m a really good teacher and that I’m not going to let my students get the best of me.

That lasted about ten minutes. I remember from student teaching that students were usually tired on Mondays. Not today. They were out of control talking when I picked them up at their table this morning.

I decided to wait until they were quiet before I allowed them to get up. This did not work. It sounded something like this:

“Be quiet! Miss Sinclair’s waiting.”
“I AM being quiet! You’re the one who won’t stop talking.”
“Everybody stop talking!”
“I wasn’t even talking!”
“They’re not going to stop talking, Miss Sinclair. We should just go.”
“You can’t say ‘shut up’!”
“Shut up!”

Finally, after maybe two minutes one of the other administrators (the secretary, maybe) walked by and told them that they were being very disrespectful to Miss Sinclair and if anyone needs practice being quiet they can sit in her office.

That worked. But it was incredibly embarrassing. I felt useless. Like I have no authority over my own students.

The day just got worse from there. I benchmarked two kids. I’m not even sure if they’re at the level I put them in.

I’ve also realized that it takes at least 4 hours of lesson planning outside of school to get everything ready the next day. And that doesn’t include making copies.

Summer can’t come soon enough.



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