“First Week Completed” Friday September 9, 2016

86726-Its-Friday-We-Made-ItToday was probably the best day of the week and it was still pretty awful. I think when we actually start to cover curriculum it might go better. Today we spent a lot of time practicing lining up quietly. There’s always a rush to be first.

I finally had to do that thing where I made everyone sit down and I called students up who were being quiet. But as soon as I would pick someone, other people would groan and say it wasn’t fair because they were being quiet and didn’t get picked. It was awful.

I took Connie’s advice and praised the people around the misbehaviors. Sometimes it worked. I also realized this morning that I could read any number ticket I want, so sometimes I would cheat and look at the good student’s ticket numbers and read those 🙂

And drawing numbers is obnoxious anyway because they can’t keep track of their tickets anyway. I’d say 4 out of 5 tickets I read nobody claimed. Half of the tickets are on the floor at the end of the day.

12-Kandi-Eye-RollI’ve also been getting a lot of attitude from the girls in my class. There is on girl who brings and iPod touch to school and is constantly playing on it. I don’t know why she would bring it to school (it’s going to get stolen), but every time there’s group work she’s on it playing a game.

I had to take it away from her and she completely freaked out. She was accusing me of stealing her stuff and claimed she would tell her mom and all this drama. I told her that I had warned her to put it away. Well, the rest of the day she refused to do anything.

If it was time to come to the carpet she would sit in her seat with her arms crossed. If it was time to line up, she would just pout her lips and straight up defy me. And when I would ask her again to line up or come to the carpet she’d make an “uhh” sound and roll her eyes.

I finally pulled her aside and decided to play the guilt card. I said, “Sasha, when you make those noises and don’t follow my directions it really hurts my feelings. I don’t like how you’re treating me. I don’t think you’re being very nice.”

And she was all like, “I’m mad that you took my iPod.” And I replied, “Okay, do you think acting like this is going to make me want to give the iPod back to you?” It kind of worked. I did give back her iPod at the end of the day. But she didn’t apologize for the way she acted.

Also it’s the weekend and I have to prep everything for next week. Even though I have the lesson plans for reading, I have to pick the books to use to help teach those lessons and I have to make reading groups.

I benchmarked two of kids. It was impossible to do because my class doesn’t work quietly enough. Within two minutes I have to tell them to quiet down so I can hear my student read. And I’m not even sure I’m benchmarking them correctly.

I have to go to work now. I might quit. I’m not sure which job.



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