“I Survived My First Day” Tuesday September 6, 2016

i_survived_the_math_final_by_ladysango7-d34y26z.jpgI was clearly nervous the entire day. But, I think most of my students were too. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I definitely have a handful of students that are going to be problems for me, but there are also a lot of very sweet kids, too.

I was able to pick up my students in the lunchroom. This was a little melodramatic because my first impression was me trying to take attendance by mispronouncing their names. I think I did a good job of walking them to my room. About half of them had a backpack full of supplies which I realize now I should’ve done a better job of making space for all that stuff. It’s currently piled in a corner.

I introduced myself and allowed them to ask me questions. They seemed very interested in knowing my age and my first name. I told them my age and then use a classic line to tell them my fist name was “Miz”. Ha!

Then I had them draw a picture of their three most favorite things and share them with the class. This worked okay, but it was a mistake to do before I did the survey where they had to ask questions about each other.

That was technically the writing block. Then I wanted to create a list of class rules with my students. That’s when I started to see behaviors. Specifically this one student name Tyrese.

As I explaining rules of the classroom, Tyrese yelled out that he had to use the bathroom. All of the kids are on the carpet and I’m about to write on a flipchart.

Me: explaining, explaining


Me: Thank you for letting me know, but you need to raise your hand.

Tyrese raises his hand (but does not wait to be called on): I have to to the bathroom.

Me: OKay, you’ll have to wait until we’re done with this activity.

Tyrese: but, it’s an emergency

Me: fine. you can take the pass, but you have to write your name and the time on the sheet by the door.

Tyrese gets up to go: what time is it?

Me: the clock is write there in front of you

Tyrese: i can’t read that clock!

Me: it’s 10:15

Tyrese: how you make that?

Me: 10, 1, 5

Tyrese: where the bathroom at?

Me: it’s down the hall to your right

Tyrese pointing the other way: this way?

Me: no, that way

That wasn’t the only time that Tyrese was distracting and Tyrese wasn’t the only distracting student. None of them raised their hands and waited to be called on, none of them seem to be able to work quietly, and almost half of them had trouble with the work they were given.

Also, Tyrese doesn’t stay seated. he just sort of wanders around the classroom.

I gave out as many tickets as I could. I think the rest of the week we’ll have to practice behaviors.

But, still. I’m happy to have a job!




3 thoughts on ““I Survived My First Day” Tuesday September 6, 2016

  1. I have some great thoughts for you and you have TONS to write about. You might try some things with that little guy to help him stay seated. A band on the front of his desk so he can fidget, mouse pad to bang his pencil on, those kinds of things. Let him stand if he needs too. It gets easier. Hang in there!

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