“First Day Jitters” Monday September 5, 2016

I have NEVER been this nervous in my life! This is worse than all of the nights before my first days of school put together. There is no way I’m sleeping tonight. I tried eating but immediately felt like puking. I have a very nervous stomach and I’m afraid if I even eat breakfast I might throw up or shit my pants in front of my students.

tumblr_mavdzmwTGP1rugtvpo1_500I’ve looked over my lesson plan for tomorrow two hundred times. I’ve been planning on every contingency. I’m trying my best to picture the day going perfectly.

In my head the students come in and they’re very shy and quiet. I help them find their desks and I introduce myself and we talk and get to know each other.

I wish they had a parent night before school started so I could at least meet some of the students. Or maybe they did and I missed it.

I’m literally shaking right now thinking about my day tomorrow. But that’s good, right? Nerves just mean I’m excited. I’ll be sharp because the adrenaline will be flowing. Or I don’t sleep all night and I have a nervous breakdown.

Breathe, Jess. Breathe.


2 thoughts on ““First Day Jitters” Monday September 5, 2016

  1. It is going to be fine. They’ve got those transparent backpacks. No need to worry.
    By the way, do you have to deal with peanut allergies? Here, the restrictions on food snacks and lunches for kids are pretty severe.


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