“What are Second Graders Even Like?” Sunday September 4, 2016

I’ve been planning all these things for us to do the first week and I’m realizing now that I have no idea whether or not my children can actually even do it. Like my first game is a scavenger hunt where they have to get to know each other by finding a person in the room that has a pet bird, or likes basketball and they have to write down that person’s name. That’s appropriate, right?

Or will it be completely insane and the students will just throw the paper and pencils at each other?

I’m realizing now that I don’t know what second graders are like. I have no idea if what I have planned is too difficult or too easy. What if they think it’s stupid and don’t want to do it?

article-1356089-0D23CA2A000005DC-182_634x838Are they going to like me? I’m pretty sure all of my students are black. I’m embarrassingly white. Also, I’m going to have trouble pronouncing some of these kids names, I’m sorry, but “Phaneeshqua?” Really? And I have two Princesses. The name is so popular that two of my students are named Princess.

Frankly, I’m nervous. I grew up in a very white neighborhood. I went to a very white school system. The speaker yesterday sort of opened up my eyes to the fact that I won’t be able to relate to these children at all.

And I’m not sure what the behavioral consequences are at this school. I forgot to ask the other teachers about it. During student teaching if one of my children acted up I gave them a warning and if it continued I sent them to the office. But, I only had to do that one time.

I hope I’m just stereotyping and most of them are really sweet.


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