“Planning Day” Saturday September 3, 2016


I feel a little better about Tuesday. I planned out and rehearsed everything that I want to do on the first day. I’ve been reading through the rules and procedures information they sent me.

I didn’t realize a couple of things about my school. The students have a dress code. They’re required to wear khaki pants or skirts and a dark blue top.

Their backpacks have to be clear.

I have to pick up my students from the lunchroom each morning and walk them to class. My class will be sitting at their own table. I have to take attendance in the lunchroom and drop off the attendance sheet before we walk to my room.

My students have a recess after lunch and then have a special (music or gym) immediately after lunch.

While my students are at special, I have lunchroom duty 😦

I have to walk my students out of the building at the end of the day and sign them out as they walk home or are picked up.

Students need to sign a bathroom sheet to leave the room to use the washroom.

The school’s behavioral plan is raffle tickets. Just like those raffle tickets with the numbers on them. You pass those out to students for every positive behavior and every morning I read off five numbers and sign student’s tickets that they can redeem for coupons for free pizza, free books, or other prizes once a month or something. The idea is, the better the student, the more chances they have to win a prize.

I have to plan and organize one field trip.

I have door duty twice a month where I open the doors to let students in and then make sure they go to the lunchroom.

I have to complete professional development hours and log them into the state’s website.

Also, I received an email that some of my students have IEP’s(?) and that the special education teacher will be meeting with me to discuss accommodations.

Basically there’s a lot to keep track of. Not to mention there are special protocols for assemblies, testing days, fire drills, tornado drills, lock-down drills, it’s exhausting.




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