“I’m Pumped Up! NOT!” Friday September 2, 2016

So today must have been the “inspirational meeting day” for my district. We had to go to the high school to see a legitimate motivational speaker. I think our entire district zone was there. His shtick was that he grew up in the city and graduated from our school district.

Yes, he’s black. And he was very good, I’m not going to lie. He told a story cartoon2604about how if it wasn’t for his teachers, he would’ve joined a gang and most likely have ended up dead or in jail. It was a real one-man performance, complete with acts and lighting cues.

It was a sad story made even more depressing by the fact that it’s not even an unusual story. He was raised by his grandmother because his dad was in jail and his mom abandoned him. He lived in a small house with six of his cousins and his aunt who didn’t work and was on drugs. But he made everything seem funny, somehow!

Anyway, he wasn’t a good kid in school. He acted out in class, he loved to talk, he didn’t know how to read or write. He said if it wasn’t for his third grade teacher keeping him in everyday for lunch and recess to work with him there’s no way he would’ve made it. I liked that part. The teacher kept him as a punishment for acting out in class and that’s actually what helped him learn to read. So, if he hadn’t of been a jerk in class he never would’ve gotten any help.

Anyway, another teacher has him perform in front of the class, another teacher inspires him to join the debate club, another teacher helps him get into college, and so on. He becomes a successful entrepreneur or something and now he’s a motivational speaker. I don’t know.

I get it. It’s the last day before school they want to inspire us to be those kinds of teachers that took the extra effort to help. I’m not saying I don’t care about children, I’m just saying I’m completely unprepared for Tuesday.

And to make matters worse I have to work tonight and tomorrow night. So that means I’ll have to figure out what I’m going next week on Sunday and Monday. Oh, and the school isn’t open on the weekends. Ever.




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