“I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” Wednesday August 31, 2016

The meetings this morning didn’t make any sense. There were so many acronyms I couldn’t track what we were talking about. I think the morning was about PLCs which is some sort of community thing. And that had a bunch of jargon. Then we broke into teams to design common assessments for reading. I was given a laptop,but I didn’t realize I was supposed to bring it to the meeting. I had left it at home. So I sat their very awkwardly while the other people in my group typed stuff.

Then we got back together to address a new program they were using for taking attendance. Again, I was the ONLY one without my laptop so I had no idea what they were doing.

But I don’t think it matters because I don’t know any of my login information anyway.

Ug, anyway, after we broke for lunch I went back to my classroom and wasn’t even sure what else I had to do. So I played with the furniture. Then Dania gave me all of the lesson plans and I’ve been reading through them. She says I’m on my own for science and social studies. All of the second graders are on the same schedule (except different classes go to different specials) so we all do math and reading in the mornings and science and social studies in the afternoon.

I asked her what she’s doing for science and social studies and she said she likes to start with weather and does local history. She said I’m welcome to borrow her stuff to make copies, she told me just to come find her in her room.

I felt like since they already did all of my reading and math lessons that I should probably plan my own stuff for science and social studies. I have some unit plans from college that I would use except they’re for fourth grade. I’ve been Googling “second grade science lessons” and I honestly have no idea where I’m supposed to start. I’m very overwhelmed right now. I’m nervous. I feel like puking and peeing all the time.


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