“I GOT A TEACHING JOB (sort of)!!!” Monday August 29, 2016

giphyI DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! Man, way to wait until the last possible minute, universe! The interview was short which has me worried. They offered me the position on the spot and I even signed a contract. This is really cool, actually. So, I’m filling in for a teacher, Mrs. Halloway. Apparently they are unsure whether or not she is returning. So my name and Mrs. Halloway’s name will both be on everything.

But that doesn’t mean that if she shows up, I’m out of a job. No, no. My contract is for the entire school year. I’ll be making $32,000! That’s way more than the barely 20K I would’ve made as a regular substitute. They said if she comes back that I’ll be a resource teacher and will help out by pulling kids out for stuff.

This is so awesome! They showed me my classroom, that’s right, MY CLASSROOM! They said I can do whatever I want with the classroom. I have my own desk and a locker to keep my stuff and even a key to the building.

The principal, Connie Belstead, said this worked out nicely because I didn’t have to be fingerprinted or anything since I’m in the system as a substitute. She said that the school did have training over the summer, but that I have to talk to the other second grade teachers to fill me in. I can’t remember the names of the other second grade teachers, but there are two of them and me. One of them taught at the school last year and the other is an older woman who has been there for 15 years. They seem nice, which is great considering I’ll be completely dependent on them for lesson planning. They said that they have the first month’s reading and math completely planned out.

I can’t believe it, you know? My mom is taking tomorrow off and bringing me all of my stuff from student teaching. She’s going to help me set up my bulletin boards tomorrow.



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