“Am I Depressed? I Can’t Tell.” Wednesday August 24, 2016

giphy-facebook_sMatt texted me again this morning to ask how my night went last night. I found myself texting him back. My replies were short, but I didn’t think he was going to get the hint. He asked if I had any time free coming up and I told him that school would be starting up soon and that I would be busy for the foreseeable future. Then he politely just said that he’d be happy to hang out again whenever I’d like and to text him whenever I’m free.

And Zooey might as well have moved in with Graham. She hasn’t been around at all. I was teasing her earlier not to do too much with her boyfriend as to not give him a heart attack and maybe some shots about him using Viagra. They were not appreciated. She called me immature and told me to grow up.

So, now I’m alone in my apartment. I have no money, no friends, and no boyfriend. Oh, and no teaching job. I’ll start substitute teaching, but I imagine that there won’t be very many opportunities the first couple of weeks.

Also, I didn’t bother setting up my Tinder account. It’s not like Zooey is playing the field. Graham has pretty much taken her out or cooked for her every night. Her vision of us dating at the same time is no longer active.

So that’s my life, I guess.



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