“Maybe I Should Date Older Men” Tuesday August 23, 2016

Zooey basically spent the weekend over at Graham’s. That’s right, Graham. As in the cracker. Graham is the 41 year old she met on Tinder. He took her out for a wine and cheese tasting on Saturday night, she stayed at his place, and they spent the whole day together on Sunday. He just picked her up tonight to take her out to dinner.

I’ll admit I’m a little jealous. Zooey seems giddy. Apparently that wine and cheese tasting was like a $200 bill. But that makes sense. Graham’s city planner and is one of the assholes responsible for all the constant construction going on in this city’s obnoxious interstate system. So, yeah, Graham’s doing all right.

Quigmans 4-22-10But I asked Zooey what they had in common and she said that they’re both “like-minded” people which means nothing. I know what they talk about. They talk about Zooey. That’s the only thing they could possibly have in common. But when I pressed her to define “like-minded” she talked about how they both believe in fate, and reincarnation, and signs, and that they love to talk about human nature and philosophy and blah blah blah.

I asked her how long she thought this would last and she said she doesn’t care. She’s going to enjoy fancy dinners and being treated with respect for as long as she can.

I told Ashley about this when they came into the bar. Ashley says that guys like that go through a different 20-year old every month. The novelty of dating an older man wears off, the girl starts to want a serious commitment, and he cuts her loose for the next pair of tits.

Maybe I’m being unfair. 41 isn’t THAT old. I dunno. I’m also upset at Zooey because I wanted to talk to her about what to do about Matt, but she wasn’t interested.

Matt texted me today asking if I wanted to go to a movie tonight and I told him I was busy. I’m not. I’m really not.



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