“I Don’t Think It’s Going to Work” Monday, August 22, 2016

I didn’t have to work last night. The restaurant was rented out for a private party and I guess they didn’t need me. Which was great because I slept until 6pm anyway. My sleep schedule is really messed up. I’m going to be in big trouble when school starts up again after Labor Day.

Anyway, I hung out with Matt today. It was silly but we had a tourist-y day. The weather was AWESOME! I mentioned that there were places I haven’t seen yet that are famous in the city and Matt told me he would take me.

But whatever spark there was last night that kept us talking for hours was gone today.

tumblr_m6roaz9EaX1r5t6t1o1_500There were A LOT of awkward silences. It was becoming more apparent that we don’t have a lot in common. He’s really into science fiction and comic books and craft beer. I’m more into 50 Shades of Grey and New Girl and girlie drinks. He likes metal music, I don’t even know who sings most of my favorite songs. He grew up in the city, I’m from the suburbs. He has a really interesting job and I don’t.

He’s a super nice guy. He paid for most of the attractions we saw, he held the door for me, he even took me out to lunch. It was a great date. Except I don’t think I really like him. He’s not even really my type. He has a thick, bushy beard and wears glasses. I like my guys more clean cut.

I can’t imagine that he was having a good time. I’m sure he’s seen these sights a hundred times. I wasn’t even really that impressed. I was never too impressed with architecture and I’m not a fan of heights.

I’m not really sure what to do if he texts me again. I should probably just tell him I’m not interested. But I’m also worried about how Ashley’s going to feel. She saw us hitting it off and I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I’m sure she’ll understand.


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