“The Latest I’ve Ever Partied” Sunday, August 21, 2016

I went out with Ashley last night. Keep in mind, I didn’t get off of work until 3am. Ashley actually stayed and bartended so we could leave together. We went to a house party, if you can believe it. Technically is was the “after party” but it was still awesome. Ashley knows some really cool people.

This was my kind of party. Low key, about a dozen people, plenty of places to sit, good music playing that wasn’t too loud. Simple games, just relaxing and laughing and hanging out.

But, it was also a total set up. She wanted me to meet this guy, Matt. She loves talking about Matt. And, I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think Ashley might be a lesbian. She’s certainly tall enough to be a lesbian. That might be a stereotype. I dunno. Ashley left with another girl and asked me if I was okay. She promised that Matt would take good care of me.

Matt’s a brewer. He works for one of the breweries in town. He has a master’s degree in giphyChemical Biology or something. He’s very smart. Way smarter than me. We tried talking about, like, politics or something, but I don’t think what I was saying was making much sense. Instead we spent all night talking about each other.

I basically told him my whole life story. It’s weird to have somebody listen so carefully to the things I had to say. He kept asking if it was okay to ask personal questions.

We talked (and drank craft beer) until 6AM. Then the four of us that stayed the whole time went to the pancake house. Matt asked for my number and then walked me to the bus stop that would take me home. He made sure I got on the bus and said he would text me later.

I have to give Ashley credit for a successful set-up.



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