“Was This the Best Tinder Had?” Saturday August 20, 2016

Zooey came into the bar last night with a date. She mentioned that she still didn’t feel comfortable meeting a guy without me present. He was actually a really nice guy. He paid the bill, left me a big tip, has a good job, he’s divorced, no kids, oh, and one more thing —he’s 41!

Ross13.2Granted, men age better than women. But I checked his ID just because I was curious of his age. And, yep, 1975. I think it would be different if he was least born in the 80’s. Then there would only be one decade’s difference. Zooey and I were born in the 90’s. Technically, he is old enough to be her father.

I asked Zooey if she used an age filter and she said that 45 was her limit. Really? 45?? I mean, I get it. He’s mature and he has a career and probably a savings account. He has nice clothes and probably a hair stylist and a dentist, and an IRA or something.

Not only that, after they left, they walked around talking and went for ice cream. Then she drove her home, walked her to the door, kissed her good night, and didn’t ask to come in. Just said that he’d like to take her out again and if it was okay to call her tomorrow.

Call her? Not text her?

Zooey is smitten. She really likes him. She says that he’s really smart and funny and I keep thinking (and you’re just a hot 20-something year old he wants to bang)

Also, I’m a little depressed that Zooey’s life is more interesting than mine right now.


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