“For a Good Time Call…” Thursday August 18, 2016

Well this is interesting. I received a dick-pic last night with the comment “its all ready 4 u, jessica”

Not really the first thing I wanted to see in the morning. At first I thought maybe it was Johnny or Clint or even Jason, but I was fairly certain it wasn’t. This particular penis was much larger.

So I had a choice. I could block the number and forget about it, or I could figure out how this person got my phone number, how they know my name, and why they think that sending me this is in anyway appropriate.

I reply “who is this?”

creepo: “send me a face pic, i’ll send you mine.”

me: “how did you get my number?”

creepo: “my name’s derrick. u r jessica sinclair”

me: “please tell me how you know my name and number before i report this number to the police for harassment”

for-a-good-time-call-sheniqua-500x375creepo: “br stall at McDuffy’s”

me: “i’m blocking your number. please leave me alone.”

And i did. For the record, McDuffy’s isn’t where I work, but it is a bar in my old neighborhood. It doesn’t take much to come to the conclusion that Johnny or maybe T-Bo decided to make me famous by writing my name and number on the men’s room wall.

I called the manager at McDuffy’s and told her the story. (I was relieved it was a woman) And she not only said that she would remove the graffiti but that if I ever came in while she was there she would pay my bill.

I guess I can understand this juvenile form of revenge. I don’t really understand why that guy Derrick would think that I would engage with him, unless he believes everything he reads on bathroom walls.

Should I text Johnny and tell him to knock it off? What if he tags me in every stall in the city? I suppose if I did tell him to stop then that would only give him satisfaction. I dunno. I hope this was a one-time dick-picking.


What do you think?

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