“Tuesday Night is Ladies Night” Wednesday August 17, 2016

anigif_enhanced-buzz-28111-1375402793-0What a sleazy place filled with sleazy people. Zooey loved it. Zooey loves attention. I, on the other hand, well, I also love attention, but I hide it much better. Anyway, we went to a dance club last night. It was one of those places with a balcony over the dance floor where the VIP people sit, and there’s a white screen and stage for people to dance on, and music so loud that you can’t talk to anyone. And it was HOT! I was so sweaty that one guy actually commented that I was all sweaty and then licked my shoulder to show me how much he liked it.

And the DJ was such a cliche. After every song he was like, “And don’t forget EVERRRRY Tuesday is LAAAAADIES night down here at the Sleazy Slutzone. Girls drink for half price.”

I didn’t even think ladies night was legal anymore.

I do like dancing though. It’s a good exercise and there were some very hot men that danced up on me and Zooey. We had fun. Two guys really followed us around most of the night. They wanted to take us to their place for an after party.

I’m also surprised how busy it was for Tuesday night. Don’t most people work Wednesday morning? Zooey had to go to work this morning. But her first client wasn’t until 10.

Anyway, I’m hungover. We took a cab to the club. And even though I only paid for one drink myself, I still feel like the night was too expensive. Blah. I should drink water.


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