“Am I Clean or Do I Have OCD?” Tuesday August 16, 2016

rMxpVQrI love Zooey. She’s my cousin and my best friend. But she’s a slob. We’ve lived here for two weeks and don’t think she’s cleaned a dish or picked up an article of clothing. Our bathroom is disgusting and covered with her crap. And it’s not like I have to be polite with her, but I also don’t want to come off as a bitch.

I told her this place was a mess and she keeps saying how she’ll pick up later. I was really looking forward to not having to spend my days off cleaning up after my roommate, but that’s what I’ve been doing all day. And most of it can’t even be cleaned up because she just has too much crap. Crap everywhere!

And after living with boys I thought it was a boy thing. Now I’m beginning to think that I’m just a neat-freak. I like things picked up.

That’s enough bitching for now. The place doesn’t look too bad. It’s presentable. Zooey says she’ll pick up her clothes when she gets home. Apparently it’s “Ladies Night” at a club and Zooey wants to go out. I’m not excited.


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