“Just a Quick Update” Saturday August 13, 2016

I did receive a text message from Clint. At 1:45AM last night. I quote: “Do you want to hang out after you get off of work?”

me:  “I don’t get off until 3AM and that I usually like to go home and go to sleep. Want 2 hang out tomorrow morning?”

C: “i can’t wait that long”tumblr_m8hjwjQKSe1rx58bzo1_500

Me: “you can come to the bar”

C: “i don’t think i should drive. can u please just come over tonight??”

Me: “I don’t want to be up late, i have to work again tomorrow”

C: “we won’t stay up late. we’ll go right to bed. you can stay over.”

At this point I seek assistance from Ashley. She prompts me to text:

Me: “doesn’t sound like you want to hang out. seems like you just want to have sex.”

C: “no, that’s not true. i like you”

Me/Ashley: “well, i’m going home and going to bed after work. if you want, you can take me out to breakfast tomorrow morning.”

He didn’t text me back and Ashley told me not to text him. She says he’s a player and she thinks he’s just going to text another girl. Ashley told me that I probably ruined any chance of a relationship with Clint because I slept with him right away. I think she’s right.



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