“Rebounded” Friday August 12, 2016

I talked a lot with Ashley last night at work. I told her about Clint. Clint finally texted me last night. All he wrote back was “busy” when I asked him how work was. I didn’t text anything back based on Ashley’s advice.

According to Ashley, I shouldn’t pursue Clint. She thinks he should pursue me. Ashley said that now that I’ve slept with him he’s going to be much less interested in me. She thinks that men are always looking for the next lay and that the only way to keep a guy online is to put off sex as long as possible.

reboundAnd since I’m technically “on the rebound” from Johnny that getting into another relationship is a terrible idea. She thinks I need time to learn from my previous relationship.

I love Ashley. I feel like she’ll tell me straight up. Zooey on the other hand was all excited for me when I told her about Clint. She’s like “I’m so happy for you! He sounds so much better than Johnny! And if you like him you have to tell him how you feel!”

Meanwhile, Ashley’s advice seems more logical: “It doesn’t matter if you like him. He’s already expressed that he likes you by picking you up at the bar. So, if he still likes you he’ll want to see you again. If he doesn’t like you anymore, then he won’t call. The ball’s in his court. You’re just going to get hurt if you pursue him and he’s not interested.”

I can see both of their points. But I’m also not sure if I even like Clint, or if I like the fact that he’s not Johnny. Maybe I should just keep to myself for awhile.


One thought on ““Rebounded” Friday August 12, 2016

  1. Listen to Ashley–especially if you’re not sure how you feel about Clint. Maybe keeping to yourself for a bit wouldn’t be a bad thing. I intend no disrespect to Zooey. She sounds like a really good friend. I just happen to think Ashley has more insight into your present situation. But it’s good that you are weighing both perspectives. That’s very wise. 🙂


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